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We at Creative Trading are committed to deliver you what has been promised. We never compromise on the quality and stay most committed to fulfill our buyers aspirations. We Take utmost care in delivering the right merchandise to the consumer in Textiles, Accessories & Apparels.


Each and every garment is thoroughly inspected and we ensure that you receive the best quality of production. All our Clothing is guaranteed to be first Quality, we guarantee our items to be of highest quality standards of the industry. We Follow strict and vigilant procedure and measures to ascertain quality guarantee.

Pre-sewing stages
Inspection of incoming raw material. Once a purchase order is finalised, the process starts with the procurement of raw material. The primary raw material used by the industry is fabric (woven or knitted), and constitutes around 50-60 per cent of the cost of manufactured RMGs. Other raw material like sewing thread, buttons, trims and other accessories are procured simultaneously. The quality of these raw materials is ascertained by inspection and laboratory testing to ensure they meet specified standards. While the visible quality parameters like defects, damages and dimensions are ensured through visual inspections, other parameters like shrinkage and colour-fastness are ascertained through laboratory testing. 

Laying and cutting 

The next stage is laying and cutting. The process of inspection screens out the defective material and hence the defects in RMG creep in from this stage. The laying and cutting operation involves spreading fabric in layers, marking pattern and cutting.

Our production units use automatic spreaders, plotters and cutting machines to enable faster production with high precision and also to avoid marking operation in cutting. Manual cutting is used for maintaining alignment in case of checked and striped fabric and also for smaller orders. Band knife cutting machine is used for precision cutting of smaller parts.

Sewing operations
After cutting, inspection, marking and bundling, cut pieces are taken for sewing. Here, the parts are assembled and stitched.
Sewing machine with direct drive and under bed trimmer (UBT) are used for better quality and faster production. Efficiency for specific operations has been improved by minor technical interventions like folder attachments, which improve production by 50 per cent, and deliver consistent quality.

Post-sewing operation (washing, finishing, packaging)

Depending on the quality requirements, some products may go for washing and special finishes. With the integration of the technology and the best management practices along with adequate training to the manpower has brought about zero defect apparel in our manufacturing.

Fashion Accessories

Creative Trading undertakes quality and safety tests for fashion accessories to ensure our products are compliant with global regulations, as well as our own standards.

Creative Trading conducts testing and inspection services at every stage of development and manufacturing for our fashion accessories. From components, such as zippers, linings, interlinings, buckles, clasps and buttons; to finished products like jewelry, belts and handbags, our experts assess and test the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of our fashion accessories.

Jewelry Testing
Creative Trading undertakes fashion jewelry tests for both children’s and adult products to ensure compliance and regulations, as well as performance tests to measure torque, tension, compression, flammability, resistance to corrosion and more.

Sunglasses Testing
Creative Trading tests sunglasses to ensure that sufficient visible light passes through while providing adequate protection from harmful UV exposure. In addition, we asses sunglasses for transmittance properties, optical powers, scattered light, material and surface quality, robustness, resistance to radiation and more for non-prescription sunglasses and fashion eyewear.

Handbag Testing
Creative Trading tests the strength of straps and strap fastenings as part of the quality assessment of handbags and small luggage items. We carry out strength tests utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to assess the risk of strap failures, whether at fastenings (e.g., buckles) or where the strap is attached to the body of the item itself. In addition, a full range of colorfastness tests and water spotting are performed to measure the risk of color transfer to clothing, along with possible blistering of leather finishes when exposed to water.

Belt Testing
Creative Trading conducts a comprehensive assessment of belts for labeling purposes, color fastness, and tarnishing of buckles and metal components. Whether composed of leather or fabric material, our experts test to ensure finished products are fit for consumer satisfaction.


Creative Trading conducts various tests to ensure the quality of Yarn & Making of fabric.

Ends and picks, Count of Yarn from  fabric wrap & Weft, Grab test, length& width of Fabrictensile Strength. precision balance, Moisture content, mean thickness, abrasion, tearing strength are the important parameters we test to ensure the right quality.

We guarantee you'll be happy with both the quality, as well as the customer service you receive.